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Welcome to Sebastian Florida

Sebastian was established in 1882 and is located on the eastern coast of central Florida.

Sebastian Florida a great location for surfers and one of one of Florida's best beaches

Sebastian, a quiet little town, one of Florida's best location for surfers and not to mention one of Florida's best beaches!

Many visitors from all over the world come to Sebastian to relax and have fun on one of Florida's best beaches. The list of things to do is practically endless. You can boat, snorkel, fish and of course surfing is a major past-time here!

If you are planning a trip to Florida, Sebastian is a must visit if surfing is on your list of things to do!

Sebastian Florida is a favorite location for vacationers and locals alike. Sebastian is a quiet little town, tucked away in the bygone era of yesterday (almost), but when you think of surfing waves what places come to your mind? Hawaii, California, perhaps even Australia. These are, of course, the worlds best surf locations, but Florida has made its mark on the surfer community too here in Sebastian.

What? Sebastian is one of the best surfer locations in Florida? Yup.

Florida: Sebastian best surf location

This photo was taken from the Volcom Seacow Series held at Sebastian Inlet. In my travels I have encountered many people who are surprised to lean that Florida has such a surfing culture. This is not surprising because the Bahamas are 40 miles off the coast of southern Florida, so in south Florida there are no good waves to surf. But, in the central regions of the state the surf can get really nice.

Hey, that looks fun! Where do I learn to surf in Sebastian Florida???

There are many places to learn to surf here in Sebastian Florida. If you are a kid, or a parent with a kid you can check out a surf camp...now that's fun!!! But young and old alike surf the great waves here and we welcome you to come and join us too!

Sebastian surf camps

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