Florida's Best Beaches and Surf Spots

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Florida surfing

Florida has a couple of really good surfing locations for the beginner and pro alike.

Surfers surfing in Florida
Florida long board surfers

When most people think of surfing they think of California, Hawaii or even Australia. They usually don't think of Florida.

Florida has some good surf too! Two of the best locations for surfing in Florida is Cocoa Beach and Sebastian. We don't get much surf during the summer but during the winter is is not unusual to see six foot swells and higher.

Surfing is one of my favorite sports. I love the whole vibe around it! As long as you aren't too afraid of sharks I say give it a shot.

In reality, sharks are a very small threat to anyone in the water. They are around but not many people actually get bit! To see a map of all confimed shark attacks click here.

Where is a good spot to go to get up to date surf reports?

If you are a local surfer or planning a trip here, if surfing is on your list of things to do then you should check out Central Florida Surf. At CFLSurf you can get all kinds of information on the local surfing conditions.

As always, you want to make sure and follow the rules so everyone has a fun day of surfing with no injuries!

Florida Surf: Rules of Surfing!

Are you into surfer artwork? If so then check out this guy...The below painting is called the Dripping Bottom Turn. Click on the link below the painting to see more from this artist.

Florida surfer
The above image is courtesy of: www.davidlloydsurfart.com

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