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Florida Wildlife

Florida wildlife with all its staggering diversity is right outside your door! Or maybe a short drive ;)

Florida Flamingo

Florida has a lot of variety when it comes to wildlife. From the aquatic, to the mammals to the aquatic mammals, we've got 'em!

There is so much variety found here that I couldn't possibly list them all! But I will share a few of my favorites with you. Some of these animals are common to Florida but others are shocked to learn we have them here.

Florida is just a swamp! I have heard many people say this...I guess they have never been here! Florida's animal wildlife is as varied as our ecosystems.

We do have swamps but we are also surrounded by the ocean and up through central and northern Florida there is plenty of open land with all kinds of critters around.

Just what kind of wildlife can someone find in Florida?

One of my favorite animals is the sea turtle. I have seen them coming up on shore to lay their eggs. I have also seen the baby turtles after they just hatched walking/crawling out to the ocean. This is an amazing animal and I am glad to have seen the in their natural environment. To see our sea turtles hatching plan on coming around October.

Florida wildlife: sea turtles

One of our most popular animals is the gator. Not too long ago the gator was endangered but not anymore, we have tons of them. You don't have to go far to see them either! If you're near Ft. Lauderdale then you can see wild gators at the end of Loxahatchee road (north Broward county) or in Holiday park (Hollywood).

Florida wildlife: gator

One of our most feared animals is the shark. Florida has a few kinds of sharks but the worst are the mako and bull shark. For a list of the common sharks of Florida click here. To see a map of all the confirmed attacks click here.

Florida wildlife: sharks

Another of my favorite animals is the manatee. Also known as the sea cow (for obvious reasons) this animal is very friendly and docile. In Miami there is a place called Sea Aquarium that has manatees on display. It's an awesome experience for the whole family.

Florida wildlife: manatees

Are you into Hockey? If so you probably already know Florida has panthers. Not many people think of big cats when they think of Florida...I never do, but we have them!

Florida wildlife: panthers

Now, I have never seen a bear, but I hear many stories about them. They are around, that's for sure. If you live in the northen end of the state you just might see one when you're out hiking in the woods.

Florida wildlife: black bears

There is so much more wildlife here in Florida that is listed here. We have the deer, and wild hogs. All kinds of reptiles like lizards of all kinds and snakes (including the rattler). Florida is an amazing place with multiple eco-systems and all the life associated with such a place!

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