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Welcome to Key West Florida

Key West was first incorporated in 1822 and is located off the southern tip of Florida.

Key West Florida has some of the best beaches for snorkeling in Florida

Key West Florida is the end of the road, but it's the beginning of the best beaches and snorkeling spots in Florida!

Many visitors from all over the world come to Key West to simply relax on some of the best Florida beaches around. The list of things to do is practically endless. You can boat, snorkel, fish and of course our weather is the best.

If you are planning a trip to Florida, Key West is a must visit if you love the island lifestyle!

You just can't drive any further south and still be in America. On the road trip here you will cross the seven mile bridge. Henry Flagler first gave us regular access to the Keys via the old railroad in 1912. There is a lot of history here in Key West and a lot of fun to be found too!

Key West Florida is more than just the home of Florida's best beaches. We have Sloppy Joe's, Hogsbreath, the Atocha (Mel Fisher's Treasures), great snorkeling and more!

Not too many places carry the title of landmark as well as Sloppy Joe's in Key West Florida. Everyone who comes to Key West comes here without a doubt. There are many, many places (bars) to hang out at and relax or have a blast. Hogsbreath is making quite a place for itself and even Jimmy Buffet even got into the action with a bar of his own here. FYI, All the bars here in Key West are located on Duval street.

Sloppy Joe's Key West Florida

Treasure from the Atocha is on display here in Key West!

Mel Fisher's Treasures in Key West Florida

Have you ever heard of Mel Fisher? Well most haven't so do't feel bad. Mel Fisher is credited with finding the lost treasure of the ship, Atocha. This treasure was estimated at around $450 million (U.S.) and some of it is on disply here in Key West Florida.

There is a gold bar on display that visitors are allowed to pick up and feel. You will be

surprised at how heavy it really is and you will almost be convinced that you can remove it from its container...but you can't I tried :)

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