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Florida Snorkeling / Scuba Spots

South Florida is a snorkelers and scuba divers dream! There is so much to see here it's crazy!

Florida snorkeling spots
Florida snorkeling

Snorkeling and scuba diving is a favorite pastime for millions of people the world over and Florida has some of the best snorkeling and scuba spots in the U.S.

If you love to snorkel or scuba dive then south Florida is the right spot for you! From small tucked away reefs to large Sponsored state parks we've got your scuba needs filled!

As with most areas...the locals know best. I live in south eastern Florida so I am more familiar with spots around here. The most popular spots are in the Florida Keys. In the northern keys there is a place called camp Pennekamp. This is a coral reef state park in which you can charter boats or bring your own. There is plenty of wildlife to see on the reefs.

But you don't need to go to a large state park to see the reefs...

There are smaller snorkeling spots spots tucked away too!!!

If you are going to be staying in the Broward/palm Beach area then head to Boca's Spanish River Beach. There is a little park there you can pay to park at, or you can get there early and park along the street. When you get to the beach you will have to walk a couple hundred yards before you get to "jap's rock". Jap's rock is a small section of reef right on the shoreline...in fact you can walk on some of it! There is a lot to see there for such a small tucked away reef just be careful not to wear any shiny jewelry, the barracudas

Florida snorkeling scuba spots

get quite large :) To see a good youtube video shot on Jap Rock click here. Also, you can read more about it here.

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