Florida's Best Beaches and boating Spots

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Welcome to Palm Beach Florida

West Palm Beach was first founded in 1894 and is located on the eastern coast of Florida.

Palm Beach county has some of Florida's best beaches and boating spots

Palm Beach, a great spot for everything Florida. Palm Beach county has some of Florida's best beaches and boating spots.

Many visitors from all over the world come to Palm Beach to relax and to have fun on some of the best Florida beaches around. The list of things to do is practically endless. You can boat, snorkel, fish and of course our weather is spectacular.

If you are planning a trip to Florida, Palm Beach is a must visit if you love boating!

Palm Beach County Florida has a lot of different boating opportunities for various boaters. Being in the unique location we are, right between the one of Florida's best beaches and lake Okeechobee, we have a large boating population that enjoys both salt and fresh water.

Even if you don't own a boat, no worries! You can rent a boat from any number of rental agencies.

Palm Beach Florida Boating hotspot

The fishing various quite a bit from salt water to fresh water. Lake Okeechobee is packed with brim, bass and all the expected southern fresh water fish, but lately some people have been setting pythons loose in the everglades so now, in a sense, we have the Florida python working its way up to the Lake...Yikes!!! But when it comes to fishing here in Florida, it's the big salt water game most are after, and yes there is plenty of it here. So be sure to tie in and hold on!

Palm Beach is more than just one the best Florida beaches and boating spots. What about family fun in Palm Beach Florida? Are there any zoo's here or other animal attractions?

Palm Beach Lion country safari

Absolutely! Here in Palm Beach we have a place called Lion Country Safari. This is a drive through zoo that is sure to be a big hit with the kids. I've been here a few times myself and I love it. As long as you don't mind a 6 foot ostrich pecking on your car this is a must see for any animal lover or family. Now that I think of it, I should probably head back again soon...I have a complaint to settle with that ostrich!

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