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Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida

There are many attractions here in Florida, many have to do with animals, many have to do with the oceans, but all are about learning and having fun!

A massive amount of people flock to Orlando Florida every year for a once in a lifetime experience called Disney. Disney World is famous the world over for its family fun parks, but Disney is more than just Disney world. There is also MGM, Epcot center and much more available on or near the grounds!

To see a full map of the Disney grounds click here.

Of all the attractions here in Florida, Disney is by far the biggest, and for good reason! They have so much to offer, an entire family can stay busy for days on end.

I have personally been to Disney around 15 times (mostly as a kid), what great memories! I should warn you though, although it's generally the best time of the year as far as vacations and being off of school but unless you like long lines and heat I would not come in the summer!

I have stood in line for hours in 90 degree temperatures for a 5 minute ride...no joke! On the other hand, if you come in fall/winter, you will stand in line maybe 30 minutes in 70 degree temperatures (in general). Also, summer is our rainy season...if you spend a weekend here in the summer you are likely going to get rained on!

What about other attractions near the Orlando area?

If you are visiting the orlando area and what to know what else is around then there are a few ways to go. Orlando is just a few hours from a couple of spots, namely Tampa and Daytona. If you don't mind a little drive then you can swing through Tampa and check out Busch Gardens and Adventure island (water park) but be advised, In the winter months a lot of the water rides are not in service. You can also head over to Daytona and

Florida disney world mickey mouse

check out the beach. Orlando is in a good location within the state of Florida...the only thing it really lacks is an ocean breeze!

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