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Welcome to Panama City Florida

Panama City was first established in 1519 and is located on the gulf coast of the Florida pan handle.

Panama City, one of Florida's best white sand beaches around and spring break

Panama City, a great spot for Spring breakers! Not to mention one of Florida's best white sand beaches around :)

Many visitors from all over the world come to Panama City to have fun during spring break on one of Florida's best white sand beaches. The list of things to do is practically endless. You can boat, snorkel, fish and of course our beaches are the best in Florida!

If you are thinking about a trip to Florida, Panama City is a must visit if you are planning on coming here during spring break!

Spring Break, tell me more!!! If you're interested in visiting a spring break party like none other then you have to visit Panama City Florida!

Spring Break is one of the major attractions here in Panama City. people come from all over just to sit on our white sandy beaches and enjoy the endless parties.

Please note that spring break parties are not for the older crowd! You will most likely be quickly overwhelmed ;)

I don't even want to get into the parking situation during spring break!

Panama City Spring Break in Florida

Panama City Florida is more than just one of the best white sand beaches in Florida. What are some family oriented attractions here in Panama City?

There is so much to do here but one thing you can be sure the kids will like is Zoo World. If you are into Florida animal attractions be sure to check out our wildlife resource center. If you know of any other good wildlife centers feel free to leave their website address in the guestbook so others can read about it!

A real nice attraction to this area is our sand dunes. Our sand dunes are like no other place on earth! If you ever find yourself anywhere near this area you must see the dunes...just don't walk on them or climb them!

Remember, Stay off the dunes!!!

Panama City Florida sand dune on white sand beach

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