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Florida Shell Collecting Locations

Different shells are collected in different locations. Depending on what you're looking for you should check out different locations.

Florida shell collecting

Florida has a few of the best spots in the world to collect shells...I mean all kinds of shells too! There are many places that boast about there shells but few has as much right as Sanibel island. For some crazy reason it seems like 80% of Florida's good shells wash up here!

If you're into collecting shells Sanibel is a must visit! It is near the Ft. Myers & Naples area.

Florida is loaded with good beaches for shell collecting. I personally live on the south east coast and we don't get too many decent shells over here. It's another story entirely over in Sanibel. I have stayed over in that area quite a bit and have seen many shells worth picking up. I have seen sand dollars the size of grapefruit, intact. I have also seen star-fish and hundreds of other collectible shells just scattered along the beaches early in the morning.

Let's not forget about the Conch shell! This Bahamian classic is found in the Keys too.

Of all the shells you find on the beach or off shore, the conch shell is world famous for its ability to sound like the ocean when placed up to your ear. This shell is often found in the waters off of the Florida Keys.

Florida has many great shell collecting locations! From sand dollars and star-fish to the famous conch we have them here. But like most things in life, you have to know where to look...now you do ;)

Florida conch shell

If you love collecting and displaying shells as much as I do you should at least visit the Sanibel area once! Stay for at least a week and hit the beaches early each day...you will be sure to take some good finds home.

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