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Hurricane Photos (Frances '04)

Hurricanes are serious business. There are two (main) potential killers to deal with when facing a hurricane. One is the storm surge. As we all saw recently in New Orleans, storm surge can be devastating with poor preparation.The second killer is high winds. Not only do you have to deal with sustained winds of 100+ m.p.h for hours, the storm itself often times spins off land based tornadoes..Yikes!

The below photos were taken right after hurricane Frances in 2004. keep in mind that this was a weak cat2 storm when it made landfall. Even as a cat2 it was capable of causing some damage.

More recently we were hit directly by Wilma. Now, Wilma was a cat4-5 and it was pretty serious. After the storm hit us in Broward county we didn't have power for weeks! So this dominoed into...NO GAS! That's right. There was plenty of gas but all the gas stations were out of power and had no back up generators. No pictures of that one...but the sky was so dark (with no city lights around)...I could see the Milky Way. It was amazing really.

Hurricanes are nothing to play around with. Even a fairly weak cat2 can really do some damage (see car above). I say a cat2 is weak because we have seen so many cat4's recently that it is a bit shocking!

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